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ABOUT Pattern Trader


The stock market has been around for over a century, with companies publicly listing their shares to the general public. Over the past few decades, the stock market has performed better than it ever has with companies expanding globally. Companies have been experiencing a massive increase in market cap and trading volume as more people worldwide are investing in stocks. Apple and Amazon both hit a trillion-dollar valuation as the tech, eCommerce, and other sectors continue to record massive growth in the Internet age.

In the past, the stock and commodities markets were mostly reserved for wealthy investors and institutional investors. However, the markets have opened up, thanks to the internet's entry, and people worldwide can now invest and trade stocks to earn real profits from the global markets.

With the massive potential in the stock and commodities markets, we developed the Pattern Trader software to help traders to know which stocks to trade and when to trade them to ensure maximum profits per day. The Pattern Trader software works with advanced algorithms to analyze the market conditions using numerous technical indicators and to generate profitable trading signals in the process. After pinpointing lucrative trading opportunities that match the set trading parameters of the software, the Pattern Trader executes the trades for you and makes you a profit with no human intervention required. As automated software, the Pattern Trader doesn't require you to spend more than 20 minutes per day adjusting your settings. You can choose the stocks and commodities to trade, the amount to stake on each trade, the risk level and much more

The algorithm of the Pattern Trader is the most advanced and intuitive in the stock trading space. It generates trading signals that are 99% accurate, ensuring that traders are exposed to minimal risk while making real profits. The latest technological developments also allow the Pattern Trader software to execute trades faster and more accurately. This ultimately leads to higher profit margins on your trading activities.


Pattern Trader TEAM

Pattern Trader is the creation of a team comprised of expert stock and currency traders and highly skilled developers. The experts combined their decades of experience and financial market knowledge to develop the Pattern Trader software. The Pattern Trader software now makes it easy even for novice traders and people with little knowledge of the financial markets to earn money from trading stocks, currencies, and commodities. This leading software continues to change the lives of thousands of traders all over the world. You can now take advantage of the Pattern Trader software to launch your stock trading career and to set yourself up for success. Get your free Pattern Trader account today and get started on the road to financial freedom.